Quality report

Efficient air conditioning and energy saving

The air conditioning system has been designed to maximise efficiency, flexibility and the comfort of users. This is achieved thanks to the high air renewal rate for ventilation and to the synergy with the architecture of the tower itself through a Ventilated Active Façade.

On each of the floors, the air conditioning is distributed through a large number of independent units (VRV), which allows for different temperatures at different points of the floor and for money to be saved by switching off those located in less heavily used areas.

Electricity supply

The electricity supply system to the building allows for savings in electricity consumption. Four independent connections distribute the electricity through five transformer centres, two of them to supply all the rented offices (floors 4 to 29). In the transformer centre for the communal areas there are two exclusive transformers, one for power and lighting in communal areas and another for communal air conditioning, both of 2,500 KVA each.

Likewise, an independent power generating group of 400 KVA guarantees the functioning of the fire protection systems.


The distribution of the telecommunications system is performed vertically through a shaft for its exclusive use, and horizontally through its corresponding channels. This allows for the following services:

  • Multiple sockets for Digital Terrestrial Television, Satellite TV, FM and AM Radio.
  • High-speed connections (ADSL, RDSI, WI-FI, etc.).
  • Mobile network signal for multi-operator.

High quality materials

The highest quality materials have been used at Torre Iberdrola, in both the communal areas and the private areas to be used by future tenants.

In the access to the entrance lobby, the walls and ceilings are made of natural maple wood, while the floors stand out for their travertine marble.

Travertine marble has also been used for the floors in the lift lobbies, while the walls are of Montsegur limestone with stainless steel finishes. The lighting is through devices embedded in a ceiling designed with decorative elements.

In the toilets, the vertical walls are made of marble, as are the floors, while the ceilings are made of plasterboard and have metal hatches in the areas where the wires and pipes pass.

The floors in the offices have been painted with special anti-dust paint and the offices also have a false ceiling and raised floor, guaranteeing the full functional flexibility of the space. The false ceiling, with 60 cm of free space to the framework, is of the perforated metal tray type,

and both the lights and the other utilities are integrated into this. For its part, the modular floor, raised to offer 20 cm free height, is of fire resistant anhydrite.

Lifts - shuttles

A total of 22 latest generation lifts provide the vertical movement within the Tower. There are different groups:

  • Three lifts providing access from the 4th to the 8th floor.
  • Eight lifts providing access from the 9th to the 29th floor.
  • Four lifts providing access from the 30th to the 37th floor.
  • Two circular cabin lifts, which link the entrance lobby with the basement parking.
  • A panoramic lift that goes from the main entrance to the restaurant on the first floor.
  • Four goods lifts servicing the building.

All of these incorporate Miconic 10 and Schindler ID technology. This technology uses a revolutionary traffic management system that moves people to their destination faster than any other lift control. By grouping people travelling to the same floor, Miconic 10 reduces the number of intermediate stops, thus improving the efficiency of the lift system.

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