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Torre Iberdrola, as part of its commitment to the environment, is the first Tower of its kind nationwide to have earned one of the highest certifications awarded, the prestigious LEED CS 2.0 Certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

Awarded by the Green Building Council (USGBC) of the United States, the LEED Sustainable Building Classification System is a voluntary system of international standards that evaluates and acknowledges those projects which make use of the most environmentally friendly practices, which are also the healthiest and most environmentally responsible and have the most profitable structures.

The Torre Iberdrola Sustainable Building

In order to earn the LEED sustainable building certification, Torre Iberdrola completed a thorough project analysis, evaluating different aspects of the Tower:


Torre Iberdrola possesses the prestigious LEED CS 2.0 Certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) awarded by the USGBC (Green Building Council of the United States), which evaluates and acknowledges those projects which make use of the most environmentally friendly practices and are therefore the healthiest and most environmentally responsible and have the most profitable structures.
To achieve this, it took into account the regeneration of the area around the building, access by public transportation, parking capacity, bicycle parking, best use of spaces, etc.

Public transportation.
In order to reduce the impacts associated with pollution caused by traffic, Torre Iberdrola is located in an urban area very well-connected with the public transportation network of Metro, tramways and city buses.

Bicycle parking and dressing rooms.
In order to reduce pollution and the impacts caused by automobile use, it provides its tenants with bicycle parking (98 spaces) and a dressing room with showers for their use.

Efficient low-emissions vehicles.
It also has 15 parking spaces for electric vehicles with a recharging station.

Maximising open space.
The urban planning around Torre Iberdrola was performed in such a way as to ensure that at least 20 % of the free areas are used for parks and gardens.

Energy efficiency and renewable energy use

Torre Iberdrola is a sustainable, energy-efficient building that uses renewable energies to achieve significant savings for its tenants.

Green energy.
Torre Iberdrola has contracted all of its energy use through IBERDROLA Green Energy, which comes exclusively from 100% certified renewable energy sources, characterised by their utmost respect for the environment by preventing emissions of CO2 and other polluting gases, which reduces the greenhouse effect on the atmosphere. By using IBERDROLA Green Energy,we have committed to a cleaner, more ecologically sound form of energy that is more suitable for protecting nature.

Energy optimisation.
The heating and cooling system was designed to optimise efficiency, flexibility and user comfort. This is achieved by the high rate of fresh outside air inflow for ventilation and a synergy with the architecture of the tower itself, by creating ventilation through an active building façade. On each floor in the building, temperature control is performed through a large number of independent units (VCV – Variable Coolant Volume), making it possible to set different temperatures at different locations on the floor and save energy, because those units located in areas less used can be switched off. Thanks to all of this, savings on energy use of approximately 20 % can be achieved.

Water efficiency

Reduction of water use by 40%.
In order to reduce the demand for drinking water in the building, innovative technologies have been put to use, such as electronic taps, and volumes are limited when flushing toilets, thereby achieving a reduction of 40% compared with standard usage levels.

Innovative waste water technologies.
In order to reduce drinking water demand, on Floor M1 there is a grey water recovery system. The water from bathroom sinks and restrooms on Floors 2 through 35 is recovered and treated for re-use in toilets and urinals on the rental unit floors (4 through 29) and M1 level. The rain water taken from rain gutters on the roof is also taken advantage of. Before hooking up to the water recovery system, it goes through a filter that removes 80% of the suspended solids.

Indoor environmental quality

In order to improve health conditions for tenants, materials were used in the construction of Torre Iberdrola that have low levels of volatile organic components, so that such components are not emanated into the atmosphere throughout the building’s life span.

Innovation in technology and processes

This system also allows tenants to benefit from the sustainable strategies put in place by the building promoter, because they can get their own indoor LEED Certificate, with the many advantages which this provides.

Design guide.
The Torre Iberdrola building, with its platinum certification level, allows its future tenants to get their office installations certified more easily. To do so, it makes a design guide available to them, with recommended environmentally sustainable measures.

Materials and resources

Recycled content of 20%.
To save natural resources, the materials used in Torre Iberdrola’s construction can be certified as having at least a 20% recycled materials content out of their total materials.

Materials from the area, 20%.
In order to reduce the environmental impacts caused by transporting goods, at least 20% of the total materials used in Torre Iberdrola’s construction come from within 800 km.

Torre Iberdrola: The energy of an idea

Thanks to Torre Iberdrola’s sustainable design, significant benefits are achieved, ranging from the protection of its occupants’ health, improved productivity among users and a more effective use of energy, water and other resources, to a reduction in the overall impact on the environment.

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