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22 latest generation lifts are at work in Torre Iberdrola

June 2012

The vertical transport up and down the 41 floor building take place through these lifts which, thanks to their technology, meets the user's needs for each journey.

Photograph footnote: The lifts that provide access to the different floors of the building.

One of the daily challenges for Torre Iberdrola is how to cover the 165 metres and 41 floors quickly. To this end, is has installed 22 latest generation lifts that provide vertical transport through the business centre.

These lifts have high performance features that allow each journey to meet the user's needs and effectively control the large volume of work.

Three lifts provide access to floors 4 to 8 (travelling at 2.5 metres per second), eight provide access to floors 9 to 29 (5 m/s) and another four serve floors 30 to 37 (6 m/s). In addition, two circular cabin lifts connect the entrance lobby with the parking in the basement; a panoramic lift provides access to the restaurant from the main entrance; and the building also has four service lifts.

All of these lifts use Miconic 10 and Schindler ID technology. This technology uses a revolutionary traffic management system that moves people to their destination faster than any other lift manoeuvres. By grouping people travelling to the same floor, the Miconic 10 manoeuvre reduces the number of intermediate stops, thus improving the efficiency of the lift system.

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