Internal safety

  • Anti-intruder controls on all the central doors, including in the technical areas.
  • Real-time surveillance through a CCTV system of the central areas of the floors and stairwells.
  • Systems of presence detectors in communal areas.
  • PA warning system.

Access control

  • Control of people accessing the main entrance, through card-operated turnstiles.
  • Control of vehicles entering underground parking, through barriers.
  • Control of parcel and goods, preventing the entry of potentially suspicious items.

Fire protection

The early detection of fires is ensured by using a large number of detectors.

The building is equipped with the following self-protection devices: (The C is in CAPS) suction pipes in stairwells, network of fire hydrants equipped and distributed around the centre of the floor, extensive sprinkler network, network of extinguishers strategically distributed throughout the floors and close to any possible sources of fire and double fire pumps for supplying the water needed to fight fires.

There are also fire protection dampers in the HVAC ductwork, pressurized evacuation corridors, ventilation in stairwells and a signalling and evacuation light network in the escape routes.

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