Corporate Social Responsibility

Commitment to society

Here at Torre Iberdrola, we promote different activities to support projects which have a positive impact on society and convey values we consider essential. Torre Iberdrola has made a commitment to social interest campaigns like those related with childhood, health and the environment, without losing sight of its own workers and their families.

For instance, we understand that we must make a commitment to society to give back at least a part of what society gives us, which is why we play an active role with organisations. We intend for our management to be responsible in nature, to put people first and create value for the people with whom we share our work and territory.

Food collection

We actively cooperate with the Bizkaia Food Bank. Our building’s lobby has been one of the sites used to collect food, as well as donations and economic contributions.

We light up hopes

Torre Iberdrola was lit up with golden sparkles as a way to show our support for children and teenagers with cancer during the #Enciendelaesperanza (LightUpHope) campaign. We are very proud to support this initiative by the Spanish Federation of Parents of Children with Cancer and the association Childhood Cancer International.

A little bit of you means a lot

Blood cannot be made. It can only be obtained through donations. Here at Torre Iberdrola, we inform workers when a mobile unit of the Bizkaia Blood Donors comes by, so that everyone who wants to donate blood is able to do so. This is a simple but generous act that means a great deal to many people.

Committed to work and home life balance

At Torre Iberdrola, we know how important it is to make work fit in with family life. We have a steadfast commit to this, which is why we implement policies that promote harmony between the professional world and family life. Moreover, we organise a wide range of fun and musical activities designed so that workers’ families can enjoy the Torre Iberdrola space in a natural way and experience it as something that belongs to them, too.

Healthy lifestyle

Health is given an important role at Torre Iberdrola, which is why those workers who want to do so can enjoy free bicycle parking and dressing rooms with showers and lockers.

Earth Hour

Protecting the environment is the world’s most important challenge, which we face together as a society. This challenge will require us all to join forces to aim in one single direction. Here at Torre Iberdrola, we join the symbolic act held each year known as “Earth Hour” by turning off the lights on the tallest building in the Basque Country for one hour.
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