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At Torre Iberdrola we want to emphasize our commitment to art and culture by exhibiting the works of different Basque artists, in the unique setting of the building’s lobby.

The huge mural ‘Natura Imaginis’, created by the painter Jesús María Lazkano, is one of these. It is a large work, 6 metres high by 15 metres wide, which recreates the roots of the Urdaibai nature reserve, where the author lives and works. Divided into six panels, it represents the four seasons.

The Tower’s lobby also contains a sculpture by Cristina Iglesias ‘Cúpula inclinada suspendida’ (Rendez-vous with rama), of some lattices suspended from the ceiling with an artificial light expressly designed to project the text contained in the work onto the floor of the lobby.

To these works we can add those by Darío Urzay, ‘Pasaje Nocturno I y II’, works based on photography. For this, the author dealt with something very closely related to energy, namely light, and at the same time decided that Pelli’s building itself would be a reference for starting the paintings. Thus, the author has ensured that, among other things, his pieces are part of the emotional content of the tower.

More recent additions are the works from three other people representing the best of current Basque art. The Bilbao artist Txomin Badiola, who started his work when he lived in New York in the 1990s, producing constructions made from industrial DIY materials, is exhibiting the piece ‘Si la memoria no me traiciona 3 (entelequia)’. This is an example of his style which mixes materials.

Just a few metres from that, the painter and engraver José Ramón Amondarain is exhibiting one of his creations, ‘Stella Richter’, which represents a colourful box inside another box. The artist is considered one of the most important innovators of pictorial language in recent years.

Asier Mendizábal is exhibiting ‘Hard Edge’ Hard Edge #2 and Hard Edge #3, two large pieces of wood that look toward the windows of the hall as if they were two tree trunks, in a clear reference to the sustainability and respect for the environment associated with the tower.

Visit by Antonio López

Antonio López, the renowned painter and sculptor from La Mancha, has looked out over Bilbao from the roof of the Torre Iberdrola with the idea of painting a picture from this point, the highest in the city, to represent the urban transformation undergone by Bilbao over the last two decades.López expressed his desire to use the iconic tower as a reference point for his new creation. The artist is aware of the significant urban transformation and regeneration experienced by Bilbao and for a while has been thinking about giving expression to this on a large canvas.

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